Straight from the Shorty’s Mouth


I came to terms with the fact that most heterosexual women are attracted to taller men quite a while ago. It is genetically programmed into their psyches just as much as a love of womanly curves is embedded into mine, and to resent them or myself for it, would be unjust, immature and ultimately futile. Furthermore, I am, on the whole, content with the rest of my physical appearance. By no means do I consider myself to be “good looking” but nor do I consider myself to be ugly. And even more importantly, I am content with my frame of mind and how I relate to other people and the world in general. I would much rather think my way out of hole, or discuss my thoughts and feelings than start a fight. Therefore, as much as I may moan and criticise, I am neither angry nor violent and if the “Napoleon Complex” exists, I would like to think it does not apply to me. However, what I cannot come to terms with is the culturally accepted verbosity from many women regarding a man’s height as a prerequisite for attraction. As a fully functioning heterosexual man, I am hyper-aware of the aesthetic lures from the opposite sex but it would not be considered politically correct to state my perfect woman as, “big breasted, dark and beautiful”, yet how often do women cite, “tall, dark and handsome” as their perfect man?

At a compact 5’7”, I have been told in various ways by a number of women over the years, some of whom were very affable, others not as much so, that my dimensions do not “stand up” to their vertical requirements. In a matter of fact way, this is absolutely fine; it is life, it is primeval natural selection in all its uncompromising fashion and furthermore I probably felt the same about some of their physical attributes. The difference being, however, that I did not highlight their physical shortcomings (excuse the pun), and it would be considered wrong, if not derogatory, to do so. What a horrible, shallow bastard of a man I would be if I told a woman, “I’m really sorry, but your thighs are just too chunky” or “you seem really nice but I like my women with bigger boobs”. This tactless verbal expression of an observation best kept to oneself shows a complete disregard for the recipient’s feelings but even then it is still not a true reversal of the situation. One’s weight, for the vast majority of us, is within our control and even breasts can be altered with surgery (not that I am suggesting they should be). Height on the other hand is pretty much set in stone, one has no control over it and yet it is acceptable to be verbally discriminatory against it. Just to reiterate; finding taller men more physically attractive is completely normal and acceptable, but a complete disregard for short mens’ feelings should not be, any more so than that of a plus size or small breasted woman. Men tend to be less out spoken emotionally and culturally regarded as thicker-skinned, but as a short man I can say that the handling of the truth can be offensive and hurtful. I am the first to poke fun at my own height and I welcome it from those that are close to me; having a sense of humour about oneself is paramount in finding peace of mind. However, when culturally applied by the opposite sex as a stigma, it can be a bitter pill to swallow without grimacing at the hypocrisy of the situation. So if you are the kind of woman that has no qualms about telling a man that you prefer taller men than him, you have no right to be insulted if he then tells you that he prefers slimmer or prettier women than you.


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